05 Mar

New Release: 2.0.3070

The latest version, SmartDeploy 2.0.3070, is now available to download and install. Most of the updates in this release were in response to feedback and requests received from our customers. Whether minor bugs or simple usability requests, I want to say thank you for continuing to share feedback with us. After all, we build this […]

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13 Jan

Password vs. Passphrase

In 2019, cyber security was a hot topic for IT teams internationally and understandably so, even tech giant Microsoft fell victim to hackers. Even with users updating passwords quarterly, passwords are being stolen and company data is being compromised. A whopping “81% of hacking-related breaches leveraged stolen and/or weak passwords” (Verizon Data Breach Report), it […]

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23 Dec

SCCM cost: Is it worth it?

Over the years, I’ve seen many education customers come to us with a similar combination of problems when it comes to managing computers across campus. What it boils down to is the IT team is too small and the department is working on too tight of a budget. In order to save money, the department […]

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15 Nov

New Release: 2.0.3060

Note: A newer version is now available. View information about the current SmartDeploy version and release history at wpd.smartdeploy.com/product-releases. The latest version, SmartDeploy 2.0.3060, is now available to download and install. One of the big objectives in this release was to make it even easier to perform common tasks our customers rely on SmartDeploy to […]

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