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5, 10, 20+ Hardware Models

Create a single golden image and deploy it to any endpoint using our device driver packages called Platform Packs.

Windows 10 Migrations

With built-in USMT functionality you can even move faculty documents and settings with the click of a button.

Schedule Lab Refreshes

With SmartDeploy’s console you can remotely schedule re-imaging of lab computers so they are ready to go when the students arrive.

Manage Multiple Locations

Deploy from a central console and reference an image on a network share or even your favorite cloud storage provider.

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Cal Poly State University Speeds Reimaging by 25%

Larry Coolidge from Cal Poly shares insight from his 19 years at Cal Poly and how his team was able to reduce hardware expenses and speed reimaging by more than 25% by making a few adjustments to their image deployment practice. Plus, our team of desktop management experts share tips for managing remote devices and multiple Windows versions.

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Utah Valley University Tries Five Different Imaging Solutions

IT Tech’s Kim and Mitch from Utah Valley University share their journey through 5 different imaging tools over 10 years. And explain why they ultimately choose SmartDeploy which cut their reimaging time by 80%. Our team of experts will compare leading imaging solutions Symantec Ghost, Acronis Snap Deploy, KACE, MDT, SCCM, and SmartDeploy, plus share tips for managing Windows 10 across labs, classrooms, teachers, and faculty.


Learn how Cal Poly saved time and money by switching from Symantec Ghost for computer imaging.

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Texas A&M AgriLife centralized procurement with SmartDeploy and saved 16% of the annual IT budget.

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Utah Valley University refreshes computer labs 75% faster after switching from Microsoft SCCM.

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Washington College streamlined computer imaging by switching from Acronis Snap Deploy to SmartDeploy.

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Brian Wherry from American Academy Charter Schools shares his experience with imaging tools like Symantec Ghost, Logicube, and Microsoft SCCM. And how he was able to image 2600+ computers across multiple campuses in just a few weeks using SmartDeploy.

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“I’ve tried many other imaging solutions, and SmartDeploy is the best imaging software I’ve found.“

~ Alan Kurk, CIO, Texas A&M AgriLife

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